Viernes, 31 Enero, 2020

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Call for the 60th Anniversary Campaign of ICAP

The Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples since its creation, on December 30, 1960 by Commander in Chief Fidel Castro, has been the confirmation of the innovative ideas and the solidarity essence of the Cuban Revolution.

During all these years we have developed our solidarity work, despite the permanent economic, commercial and financial blockade, and the increasing imperial hostility; today accentuated with the revitalization of Title III of the Helms-Burton Act, the sanctions imposition and coercive measures on countries trying to trade with Cuba.

Our work priorities for 2020 will be participating actively in the media battle in defense of the Revolution against the lies and subversive aggressions of the US government and its followers; working for the rejuvenation of the solidarity movement with our country, and continue implementing the “Hands off Cuba” Campaign with non-traditional and media impact actions that summon organizations and associations, social and popular movements, parties, intellectuals and parliamentarians.

In the same way, we will continue promoting regional, continental and national solidarity events with Cuba, as places for the coordination of experiences and initiatives in support of the undefeated Cuban Revolution and the struggle causes of the peoples, for their independence and self-determination.

We will continue defending our sovereignty and reaffirming, day by day, our sacrifice spirit and confidence in victory, inspired by the example of the historical leader Fidel Castro Ruz, whose legacy we will keep spreading.

We invite the “ICAP: 60 years embracing friendship” campaign to be a special motivation to consolidate the solidarity work with Cuba on the whole planet, and be, in turn, the necessary impetus aimed at breaking the economic blockade against our country.

We summon all of Cuba's friends in the world to be part of our celebrations by sharing our dreams and hopes. Each volunteer work brigade, each event, each call; in any street, city, country or continent, must bring the joy of sixty years of friendship with this nation that calls you to be visited, to meet a people in Revolution who will resist and triumph forever.

Long live the Cuban Revolution!

Ever onward to victory!

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