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Free Lula Now! That will be our goal from today, along with millions of women and men worthy of the planet, said Friday Fernando Gonzalez Llort, president of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP) to convene the solidarity campaign with the former Brazilian president unjustly imprisoned. The call was made at the XIII International Workshop on Emancipatory Paradigms. (Text of the campaign launch)

Fidel Castro Ruz, historical leader and present voice of the Cuban Revolution, more than once affirmed and reminded us that internationalism constitutes the best essence of Socialism.

Today we materialize a new internationalist action. This time we call to join, all the Cuban revolutionaries, in a much more concerted and intense way, to the international solidarity movement with former President Lula.

Many of our social organizations, since Lula was unjustly imprisoned, spontaneously and encouragingly began to develop actions in favor of his release.

From today we will add all the forces and multiply our efforts in claiming immediate freedom for the former president of worker origin and who did so much for the poorest of his country. So that the voices demanding his freedom are heard throughout the world.

The students, the young people in general, the women, the trade unionists, the peasants, the scientists and intellectuals and all our organized society, will demonstrate, with facts, something of which we are proud: Cuba never abandons its true friends, even less when they are victims of continued injustices.

The right is giving a full-scale battle throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, through the manipulation of the judiciary, to selectively criminalize left-wing leaders at all levels.

That right, corrupt and corrupting in nature, now does not notice scruples to lie and thereby destroy the public image of personalities such as Lula, Dilma Rousseff and Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. Conspires, without any limit, to misrepresent the best legacies of these, nothing more and nothing less than manipulating the legitimate banner of the fight against corruption.

Of these three personalities, Lula already serves a sentence of 12 years and 1 month for a crime he did not commit. Enough this expression of the prosecutor who proposed his original sanction "I have no evidence, but I have the conviction". That is, without any proof, he expresses his conviction that Lula is guilty.

We trust Lula's innocence. Not only because until today no judge, nor any prosecutor has proven any crime, but because public men like him, men with a sense of his historical responsibilities like him, would never dare to compromise his image in front of his people.

A culprit does not ask that his crimes be proven. A guilty party does not collaborate with the organs of the judicial branch as Lula has done. A guilty person does not make statements like the following shortly before appearing before his jailers:

• "Know - he told the crowd of people that cheered him - that this neck here does not come down, because I'm going to come out with my head up and my chest up, because I'm going to prove my innocence".

• "I will confront them eye to eye, and I will confront them by accepting the order" (referring to the arrest warrant).

• "I go there (to the prison in Curitiba) so that they know that I am not afraid, that I am not going to flee, so they know that I will prove my innocence".

Thus spoke Lula to his followers. Thus he spoke to the world. Thus he spoke to his children and grandchildren. This showed his security in his innocence. So, and for that firmness and that conviction, we will support him with determination, until he is free.

Let's make reality the solidary call made by Army General Raúl Castro Ruz, the first of January: let's transform solidarity with Lula into a common cause of Cuban men and women. Let's help all the honest people of the planet contribute to his freedom and to stop the attacks and the judicial persecution against the former presidents Dilma Rousseff and Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.

The occasion is propitious. The XIII International Workshop on Emancipatory Paradigms has demanded, with just reason and a sense of urgency, that solidarity among peoples be transformed into tangible facts, into a collective work that adds to the necessary unity among them.

Let us also unite in the energetic condemnation and rejection of the attempt to impose in Venezuela, through a coup d'état, a puppet government at the service of the United States.

It is part, as the persecution of Dilma and Cristina and the imprisonment of Lula, of an imperialism´s strategy.

Free Lula Now. That will be our goal starting today, along with millions of women and men worthy of the planet.

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